Thursday, October 14, 2010

Xi'an: A6 experiential training shock city

In August of the ancient city of Xi'an, s hot. August 11, 2006, UFIDA training center a warm atmosphere, the ongoing collaborative management software A6 UF Zhiyuan experiential training activities no less fiery atmosphere of the sun in summer. The inquiry by the Shaanxi Yi Electronic Technology Limited Company, UF Zhi Yuan Software Technology Company Limited, experiential training, experience this new model is the first attempt in Shaanxi. From the province from more than 20 large and medium sized enterprises on the afternoon of the departments are divided into two attended the event.

The start of training activities, first by the Northwest Regional Manager UF Zhiyuan Cheng Hsiao-tung a report entitled "collaborative management, full information of the first step" on the topic. In throwing the current common enterprise problems of poor execution, in layman's language for the on-site guests, introduced the concept of collaborative management and collaborative management to bring business value, so that guests have a profound idea of the collaborative understanding. "Synergy" is not only effective Jiejuezuzhi information communication, Zhi Xing process Nanyikongzhi, the issue of information dispersed Deng, also Bangzhu enterprises Danwei well Wenhuajianshe, establish Zhishigongxiang Ku, a Kuaisuxiangying changes within the Wai Jie and Xu Qiu's agile organization .

Personal experience to make the guests to bring A6 collaboration to the enterprise management of the Smart and convenient, designed to link the guest experience the scene. Simulate a hot spot device manufacturers, guests assigned to each company in different roles, each role is done in an enthusiastic self-introduction, the simulation team building and start working! Distributed tasks book, guests books, step by step in accordance with the tasks dedicated to start operation in the field under the guidance of the staff, all the players are less than an hour to complete the work.

Then to share the experience of the discussion is a lively atmosphere, lots of reaction to experience profound. After several exchanges of users have expressed the hope on the A6 to do more in-depth understanding of the system, showing a great interest. Successfully held the training is a UF system in Shaanxi Province A6 Zhiyuan a new appearance and good marketing, demonstrating UF Zhiyuan company focused on creating collaborative application management software in China the first brand new results. We firmly believe that first-class products and professional services is to promote SMEs in the localization of information technology the best way to take off. Easy telecommunications company will continue to strengthen cooperation with the UF Zhiyuan company, for the ancient city of Xi'an in the SMEs to enhance the competitiveness of executive power and contributions.

Experience comments:

Information center in an industrial enterprise director, said they have investigated many of OA products companies, today's experience helped him deeply felt Zhiyuan A6 product easy to use easy to use, without any training can easily complete the work, and that the system difficult to implement small, low maintenance cost, which is in any other OA products can not be compared.

Chief Executive Officer of a business enterprise, said she had no contact with similar products, today's experience so that she was deeply shocked, information management business has been able to bring such a qualitative leap. A6 system interface is clear and powerful, as long as the open system will clear all of the work to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the process can be traced to achieve a transparent management is essential to improve the management level management system.

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